Tuesday, October 9, 2012

* Anytime Craft: Rainbow Yarn Wrapped Color Wheel

We love rainbows and color wheels in our house - 
can't get enough of them! 
My 9 year old daughter and I were inspired by
 our basket full of colorful yarn to make this yarn wrapped color wheel.  

Make a circle on a scrap of cardboard by tracing a dinner plate. 
To make the smaller circle inside, trace around a glass or small bowl. 
You could also use a sturdy paper plate for this project. 

Ask an adult to carefully cut out both circles to make a cardboard donut. 

I pre-cut pieces of yarn for my daughter 
(each piece was 1-2 yards long.) 
She enjoyed picking different colors and textures from our yarn supply. 
Then, she organized them in spectrum order on the work table 
and worked her way down the spectrum as she wrapped the yarn. 

You will need to secure the first piece by tying it to the cardboard circle or use a bit of tape. 
Then, start wrapping. 
Don't worry about being perfect, 
the yarn can criss-cross as you wrap it. 

When you finish one color, 
start the next color by wrapping over the old "tail" 
or tie the two pieces together and hide it under the wrapping. 
Keep all of the loose ends on the backside of your color wheel. 

Continue wrapping and tucking and tying loose ends 
until you get all the way around the circle. 
For the last piece you can tie it to a loose end on the back 
or secure it with a bit of glue. 
If you want to hang up the color wheel, 
make a small loop out of extra yarn on the back. 

Mine is now hanging in the art studio window, 
makes me smile every time I look at it!

Pink and Green Mama MaryLea

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