Friday, September 7, 2012

* Setting Up The Kindergarten Classroom: Reading Pillows, Bulletin Boards, Curtains, and More!

I told you that one of my best friends is "C"s kindergarten teacher this year.
She was also "E"s kindergarten teacher. 
She is wonderful with the kids and her teaching gets better every year.
It is so fun to watch her work and her assistant teacher is like a mommy away from home,
"C" is madly in love with both of them and I call them her school mommies.

I offered to help set up and makeover their classroom for the new school year.
It's my way of helping out and it's fun for me since I miss setting up my own classroom.
We started by rearranging the whole room and getting rid of her big desk to maximize space.
It made a huge difference!

Then I made pillows for the reading corner. 
I've had this cute little cloud pillow floating around in my brain for the past 2 years
and this was the perfect opportunity to make one!

The cloud is made from blue flannel from my stash and 
the face is embroidered felt. The ribbons are from my stash. 
I found pillows on sale for $2.50 (!) at Walmart and used them as the stuffing.

I made some other fun pillows and convinced Mrs. P to pick up this fun 
Rainbow dot pillow at Ikea -- it's perfect right? 
I need to go back there and get one for my house too! 
She also needed some new curtains so the girls and I made them together.

Here they are in progress on my art studio floor. 
Yes, I have a giant table in the middle of the room but I always end up 
pinning my fabric projects on the floor!
I let "C" help me run the sewing machine and "E" was my ironing girl.

It was her first time ironing.
The only time I iron is for art and craft projects and for sewing - 
yes, we wear wrinkled clothing. 
She did a great job and loved it!

See this box? Not the most beautiful thing but I should have taken a "before" 
photo -- just a plain yogurt box from a discount store. 
It needed a facelift - it holds sentence strips in her supply closet and they needed to 
be sorted by season so I made these cute paint chip labels. 
So I wrapped the whole thing in cute, colorful duct tape from Walmart's craft department.

I just used scrapbook sticker letters and taped on the labels with clear packing tape.

These cabinet doors were boring so I taped up paint chip samples.


and Green! 

Yes, I'm friends with the guys in the paint department at my hardware store.
Don't know if I should be proud or embarrassed by that -- I do spend a lot of time there.

Here's "C" skipping around the rug, you can see the reading pillows 
and the curtains hanging up in the window -- so fun and colorful.

Here's my other favorite project. 
I made over her bulletin boards with fabric and paint sample chips.
I made a second boarder with the paint samples and her regular bulletin board 
borders -- I'll be doing this again if I ever go back to teaching. 

I also made a little paper pennant for her magnetic white board...
"E" made the rainbow tissue pouff. 

Here is her classroom library with my bulletin boards
and the new rugs we got at Ikea. Cute, right?
It sure was fun getting ready for 
a new colorful school year!

We love these great ladies! 
Thank you, Mrs. P and Mrs. A.

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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