Saturday, September 1, 2012

* Homemade Fairy House

I've posted our homemade fairy house before but that was in 2008,
 when I had about 10 readers.  
Today, I'm posting newer photographs of what is one of my children's favorite toys. 
It's also a favorite of every kid that ever comes over to play at our house!

Here's the original post, 
 if you want to see a tiny 5 year old "E."

Geoff and I built the house for the girls as a Christmas present. 
We screwed the various parts together with Geoff's drill and drywall screws.

The natural "floors" were made from three irregular tree "rounds"
ordered from Walnut Hollow (the 3 circles cost me under $7.00) 

We made the staircase with a bag of "Wood Craft Rounds"
The base for the whole fairy house was an unfinished pine table top from Lowes.
The columns came from tree branches around our neighborhood and an
old rotten up-cycled patio table umbrella pole. 

There's a small basket attached with a wooden spool and yarn pulley
that the fairies use to transport their supplies up and down the various
levels of the house -- I didn't get a good shot of it from this angle - sorry!

Love the clothes lines the girls made with yarn 
and tiny wooden clothespins from the craft store. 

My dad made the little wishing well with twigs and a small wooden cup.
The twig furniture came from a set I found at Five Below, 
I've gone back several times since and never found it again. 

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