Thursday, September 27, 2012

* Fall Apple Theme Sensory Box. * Again.

Fall is in the air and I couldn't be happier, it IS my favorite season!
I love wearing jeans and layers, cheering for football, sewing and crafting,
sipping warm coffee at the bus stop, and having the windows open in the house again.
Goodbye humidity and mosquitos, I will not miss you.

Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite sensory boxes from last year.
Remember this one? I made this cute little apple sensory box
for C's preschool classroom for their apple unit.
Think we might need to set it up again in the playroom, I asked the girls a few weeks
ago if they were done with sensory boxes (hoping to clear out my storage shelves in the garage)
and they both said, "No!" they still love them (they're 9 and 5 by the way...)
So, it looks like we'll still be making and playing with our boxes
for a while longer -- that's fine by me.

Made apple trees out of toilet paper tubes and felt.
The "apples" were mini red pom-poms that stuck 
nicely to the felt leaves for apple picking.

The tiny wooden buckets/ apple barrels were a craft store find.
The stick broom was from a zen sand kit from Dollar tree but you can 
make your own tiny brooms/rakes with sticks and a glue gun.

The cinnamon sticks add a lovely scent to the box and the 
play apples are a fun addition for counting and sorting.

Happy Apple Picking! 

Pink and Green Mama

NOTE: I frequently get asked questions about how we manage our sensory box
materials. I keep most of my "stuff" in ziplock bags
in a few storage bins out in our garage on some shelves.
For more information read my Sensory Box 101 Tips and Techniques post.

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