Wednesday, August 22, 2012

* End of Summer Celebration: Backyard Shaving Cream Fight Fun!

I was inspired by Meg Duerksen's family tradition of 
an end of summer shaving cream fight in the backyard. 
So... last night, before dinner and pre-bath, 
I told the girls to go out into the backyard for a surprise.
I handed them each a can of shaving cream and told them to have fun!

The shaving cream was "sensitive skin" formula from the Dollar Tree, 
leftover from a shaving cream marbling art lesson. 

They decided to wear sun glasses as "protective eye wear" to keep it out of their eyes
but then decided to ditch the sunglasses (and the flip flops) and just have fun. 

If anyone got it near their eyes, I just used the corner of my t-shirt
to wipe it away - each of the girls only got a bit in their mouths once. 

Both girls had a blast making hair-dos and the mirror by the swing set
(it's on the back of our shed -- a rescue from a neighbor's trash a few years ago)!

When they were both covered, I took them inside,
put them in the shower and hosed them off - clothes and all. 
We would have used the hose but it was a bit chilly.

I only ended up with a bit of shaving cream - 
they got me on the butt after I took this photo -- nice!

They had a blast, made great memories, I got some awesome photos,
and the girls think I'm the best mom ever (thank you Meg!) 
Do you have any (messy) end of summer traditions?

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