Friday, July 13, 2012

* Life-Sized Body Maps Mixed Media Craftivity

Last summer, the girls and I made these wonderful, 

They were such a big hit, 
I wanted to share the details with you again in case you missed it!
They are a great classroom, homeschool,
or just-because art activity.

We started by tracing an outline of each of the girls on big sheets
of brown contractors paper (available in the painting section of any hardware store.)
Then we looked at some anatomy books and talked about all of the different
things inside our bodies: skeleton, organs, muscles, veins, etc.

I set out a variety of materials for the kids to explore and use 
however they wanted to. 
We even invited a couple of friends over and made maps with them as well

Each of the kids had a blast using different materials to create their
own body map. 
Here you can see felt that was used as a heart and some organs.
Yarn for the circulatory system. 
Big bubble wrap for the lungs (with all of the air chambers)
Squiggly yarn for the spinal cord and masking tape for bones.

"E" used shell-shaped dry pasta as the teeth.
Cut up paper doilies for eyeballs and a nose. 
Yarn for a brain and spinal cord.

Q-tips were cut up to make tiny finger and toe bones.

"C" used felt for a brain. 
Dry pasta as eyes and teeth and added a bit of yarn for "hair."

She drew the organs on felt and asked me to cut them out for her.
She used colored masking tape for her intestines.

More Q-tip bones!

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you have to stop learning with your kids.
Happy learning and creating!

Pink and Green Mama

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