Wednesday, July 25, 2012

* Homemade Gift: Embroidered Map Going Away Gift

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are moving out of the state. 
They're moving back to my sister-in-law's hometown.
We had a farewell dinner Friday night and I gave them this going away gift.
A homemade gift from the heart, to remember us across the miles
and know that we're thinking about them. 
It's also a nice reminder for my niece and nephew about their 
Aunt MaryLea, Uncle Geoff, and their crazy cousins! 

I started with a frame I found at Michaels. 

Then,  I printed out a map of Virginia and a map of Ohio 
(use whatever state or place is meaningful to you)
from a google images search. I printed the maps on natural colored
vellum paper to make them look more "map like"
If you had real street maps that would be awesome but I didn't so I had to improvise. 
I cut out the shape of each state out of the maps 
(they're not perfect or accurate and they don't need to be.)
For the state shapes I googled "printable state maps"
as a google images search to find the right shapes.

Because I didn't want the paper to rip when I sewed it, 
I pre-punched holes with a straight pin on a piece of folded over felt
(to act as a little pillow behind the paper while I pierced it.)
BTW, this is a map I tried to use but didn't because it didn't look right. 

Then, to protect the map from ripping while I sewed it, 
I backed it with a small piece of clear packing tape.

I hand-stitched a heart shape on each map with some red embroidery floss.

Here's the back of my messy heart.

When the two states were finished, I mounted them to a piece of blue 
scrapbooking paper with some double sided tape. 
At a farewell picnic/party last weekend, I asked a good friend to take a 
photo of our two families together. 
I printed it out and added it to the middle of the frame.

Here's the finished project. 

Todd and Darb, we will miss you terribly 
but know you're off on a wonderful new adventure. 
Here's to new beginnings.
We'll be road-tripping to visit you soon! 

Pink and Green Mama

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