Sunday, July 1, 2012

* 4th of July Sifted Flour Stars Front Lawn Decoration!

We make these sifted flour stars on our front lawn every 4th of July.
Somehow, I forget to take photos of the process, so here we are with photos from 2009(!) 
maybe I'll remember to charge my camera battery this year.

1. Start by cutting a template out of cardboard or a piece of poster board.
Last year we used a pizza box. 
This is a job for a grown up, I just cut it out free hand every year with a box cutter
but I guess you could draw the star first with a pen then cut it out.

HINT: The edges of the box help to keep the flour contained and off the rest of the grass!

2. Lay the star stencil out on the grass. 

3. Spray the stencil with water. 

4. Sift flour over the damp grass. 

Remove the stencil/template and viola! Stars!

Works like a charm on the sidewalk and driveway too!

If it doesn't rain, the sidewalk stars last for about a week. 

Our star spangled front yard and sidewalk!

Will you be adding any sifted flour stars to your front lawn
this 4th of July? 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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