Monday, June 18, 2012

* Scissor Practice - Paper Cutting Box

My baby girl has graduated from Preschool,
time to start a new chapter and get ready for Kindergarten this fall. 

Now we have some time to fill with fun mommy and me activities.
I like to keep a bit of a "school like" schedule for the girls throughout 
the summer, we call it "mommy school."
The girls like the routine and having some activities to keep them engaged
between the stretches of free play time in the yard,
at the pool, and with friends. 
We'll spend plenty of time creating and "playing" in the art studio as well!

One thing I like to do is set out some materials as a bit of 
an invitation to play, learn, and explore.
Today's post is one of those "centers."

I put together this Paper Cutting Box for "C" 
to practice her scissor and hole punching skills.
It was Pinspired by this Pin from my Preschool Fun Pinterest Board.
She loves it!

I already had the divided box, I believe I picked it up in craft
department (near the beads) at Walmart or JoAnn's. 
Then, I just cut up a bunch of colored paper into different sizes 
and included some of those perforated border strips from my scrapbooking stash.
Then, I added a nice pair of children's scissors and a hole punch.

I set the box out on the art studio table with a tape dispenser,
some crayon rocks, and a bucket of Crayola Twistables. 

It didn't take long for "C" to discover it.
She has been very busy cutting and taping little abstract sculptures
and making tiny books for her dolls and stuffed animals.

Because it is portable she has even taken it along to the family room
for some cutting practice while she watches Sesame Street. 

It has been a fun and easy way for her to create and explore
and get some wonderful fine motor practice in the process!

And... of course, it had to be Rainbow : )

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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