Wednesday, June 20, 2012

* Painted Rainbow Doily Bag Tutorial

This was a collaborative project the girls and I did together.
It was one of those projects I came up with in my head and it actually worked!

We worked on the bags this winter and spring
and now that the weather is warm, we have cute new bags
for our knitting projects, library books, shopping, and the pool! 

Lately, I've been spotted toting this one to Walmart for groceries
and to the library to stock up on awesome picture books for summer break!

So do you want to make your own? (Meg Duerksen, I know you do!)
Here's how we made them (Psst....they're easy!)

I started by setting up the girls with newspaper, a tray of water,
and some acrylic paints in the art studio.
("C" did a practice one with a paper doily and watercolors
before I let her at a regular doily.)

You should probably use fabric paint but this was all we had in the house at the time
and we're not planning to wash them much (or ever...)!

Here's "E" working on hers. 
I mixed up batches of acrylic craft paint with lots of water -- 
see that black dish to the left - the bottom is full of water and I just 
dropped a blob of paint in it...we used our brushes to stir and dilute 
the paint and water mixture
to get it to a consistency that we liked. 
(I'm sorry this isn't a more scientific recipe for you.)

Starting in the middle of a cotton doily, we painted one color at a time
with a tiny paint brush poking the paint into all of the little 
nooks and crannies to really saturate the color before moving to the next ring of color. 

New brush for each dish of paint/water. 
It will bleed a little - it's cotton so you have to watch your water and not 
get your brush too saturated. 
Err on the side of using the water with more paint in it...

Work your way around the doily, with rings of color
making sure to get the paint all the way into the doily for each color. 
It's more like dabbing and poking the paint into the doily than brushing it. 

We got our doilies from the craft store (JoAnnes) and I had a few vintage 
ones I picked up with a huge linen stash from Freecycle. 

See how the colors bleed and mix like tie-dye? 
I love it! 

The colors will be very vivid while it's wet.
It will take a day or two to dry because the doilies are cotton
and super thirsty -- they drink up a lot of water and take a while to dry out.
Leave it on the paper while it's drying but lift it gently when you're done
so it doesn't stick to the paper too badly.

It will lighten a bit when it's dry. 
It will also be stiff like a little lacy rainbow frisbee. 

I picked up these cute green and blue (and natural) pre-made
canvas bags in the craft aisle at Walmart - they have them at any craft store.
Or you could sew your own if you're so (sew) inclined!

Or...just up-cycle a bag in your stash - 
everything's cuter when you add a doily and a rainbow!

When the doilies were dry, I just pinned them to the front of each bag
and zipped them through my sewing machine
Just a basic straight stitch with red or orange thread to hide in the doily
about 1/2"-1" in from the edge of the doily all the way around the circle.

Super Easy and Super Cute. 
These are my favorite grab and go bags now!

Pink and Green Mama MaryLea

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