Wednesday, June 6, 2012

* Ice Cream Theme Sensory Box

"C" and I made this Ice Cream themed sensory box
this fall and I'm finally getting around to post photos of how we made it!

We started by making some homemade pom-poms with yarn and a salad fork.

Wrap the tines with yarn a bunch of times, then tied off your yarn in the middle. 
Slip it off the fork and use scissors to cut the looped ends. 

"C" is a good fork wrapper!

Pom-poms make fancy bracelets too!

Then, we made felt popsicles by gluing two pieces of felt together on a popsicle stick. 

Felt Popsicles! They don't drip but they will make 
your tongue fuzzy if you lick them.   

We made ice cream cones by cutting out a piece of stiff brown felt.
We traced a dinner plate to make our circle and cut it out with scissors.
Then, we cut it into thirds. 

I rolled up each piece into a cone shape and glued it with a bit of hot glue.

Felt cones with homemade yarn pom-poms!

Then, we put it all together in a box with some scoops,
mini ice cream containers (saved from our recycling)
some store-bought pom-poms, 
and (empty) some party favor ice cream-shaped bubbles.

I added some kid friendly chopsticks to practice "tonging" with the mini pom-poms. 

Happy Customer!

Pink and Green Mama

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