Monday, June 25, 2012

* Happy Birthday Eric Carle! Hungry Caterpillar Costume and Class Project

Today is Eric Carle's 84th Birthday!
He is one of our VERY favorite children's book author/illustrators. 
What better way to celebrate than to share "E"s Eric Carle biography project
with you from this past school year?!

This year, each student in E's third grade class, 
was asked to pick a famous person
to give a biography talk about, she picked Eric Carle.

"E" had to make a box to hold props for her talk.
So she took this shirt box and made patterned papers with do-a-dot markers and crayons.

She cut out this adorable hungry caterpillar and used a scrap book 
punch to make the circles.

Close up of her work -- so awesome!

Inside the box she had a homemade pom-pom hungry caterpillar
and a portrait of Eric Carle (she copied from a self portrait he made)
along with some books and her notes.

She also made this beautiful poster for her talk.

I LOVE the letters. She decorated the papers and cut the letters out
while I was cooking dinner. I was blown away when I came back into the art studio
and saw what she had been working on -- I think Mr. Carle should hire her as his assistant!

She decided to give the biography talk from the view point of the "Very Hungry Caterpillar"
and talk about her "creator" Eric Carle.
So we needed to make a costume for her to wear at school.

I whipped up this little polar fleece and felt hat for her to wear. 
And we sewed a bunch of green fabric pillows then stitched them together
and added shoulder straps (like a big pillow sleeping bag)

I went to school the day of her talk to take photos and watch her speech.
This is her "Mom, you're embarrassing me!" face 
as I'm photographing her in the hallway before her speech!

Giving her speech to her class.

"Johnny Appleseed", "Albert Einstein", 
"Juan Ponce de Leon", and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." 

Here's a link to my old post about our 

Happy Birthday Mr. Carle!
Here's to many more great books
 and creative endeavors!

Pink and Green Mama

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