Thursday, June 14, 2012

* Color Your Own Coloring Book With Ikea Bird Fabric

We found this fun black and white bird fabric at Ikea last month
and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted some for a coloring project with the girls. 
It was so cute and looked like a coloring book on fabric to me.

We put a scrap of cardboard underneath the fabric while we worked
so it wouldn't bleed through onto the table or itself. 

I picked up a package of Tulip brand fabric markers from Walmart -- 
they were okay and not too stinky
but some of the colors were duller than we would like. 

We ended up supplementing with some of our own permanent markers.


It became a whole family coloring project.
Geoff and I worked on it alongside with the girls.

I left the fabric and markers set up for about a week on the art studio table
and we would wander in there off and on and sit down and color a bird or two.

No rules, just color a bird however you want. 

It's fun to see how they're all different.

My original intention was to make some throw pillows for 
the playroom reading couch but then I didn't want to cut off any of the birds
 the girls colored and liked the way it looked spread out on the table.
So it was time to come up with plan B. 

The girls' bathroom upstairs has an old lace curtain I've never liked.
Sorry, no before photos but trust me - it was not my style (or yours!)
I would call it "old lady decor". 
Not to be rude to any old ladies out there,
I'm just not there yet and wanted something a bit more fun in the girls' bathroom
to go with their fun polka dot shower curtain. : )

So, I decided to make a new bathroom window curtain with the bird fabric.

Photo of the new curtain  - sorry it's a bit dark.
But you can see the corner of their adorable shower curtain (got it at Target in 2004)
and nubby turquoise bath rug (got it at Ikea last month)

Bird curtain in all of it's colorful and fun glory.
Makes me smile every time I walk upstairs!

Bought some other black and white fabric as well -- think we'll 
be doing some more fabric coloring!

Pink and Green Mama

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