Wednesday, June 13, 2012

* Artsy Crafty Goodness Around Our House This Past Weekend

Saturday morning kicked off with our neighborhood wide 
annual summer garage sale -- 
we scored this awesome (vintage) 
mint condition "lite-brite"
for, I mean for the girls. They (we) love it! 

We also scored some books for the kids, a globe, 
and some homeschooling goodies from a retiring teacher - score!

Then, because it was super hot this past weekend and we're mentally ill,
Geoff and I loaded, unloaded, and spread three truck-fulls 
of free county mulch in our backyard for the rest of Saturday 
while the kids played in the backyard. 

They had a major water canon fight - 
I made it into the line of fire a few times to cool off!

Then, we made ice cream cone snacks for everyone 
and the kids ended up heading indoors to "weave" and watch a movie
 while Geoff and I tried not to pass out from heat exhaustion.

I didn't take photos of the mulch project - we were filthy and it was hot.
But... I did get some candid photos around the house this weekend
 at the rest of our crafty goodness. 
After much needed showers and some awesome margaritas
 made by my sweet hubby (for the grown-ups not the kids!), 
we spent the rest of the weekend puttering around the house
 and creating fun stuff in the art studio. 

It was a very "sew-y" and "weave-y" kind of a weekend. 
(yes...I'm inventing words)

(C's weaving project on a mini loom made out of a scrap of cardboard.)

(E's loom and yarn stash on the couch)

See the cute new green cabbage fabric pillow?
I just made that with some fabric I scored at Ikea in May -- love it.
Got the new couch at Ikea it too.

The other pillows are also homemade - 
I sewed them out of napkins from World Market. 
New family room decor = fun!

"E" had to make homemade goodies to trade/sell in her classroom
as an end of the year economics project so she whipped up these adorable
little fabric flowers and we stitched them to little white bags from the craft store.
I think they'll sell out in a minute. 

Sew cute!

She made a bigger bag for her teacher as her end of the year gift.
We're adding a beach towel, some magazines, and sunblock. 

This adorable quilt arrived 
while I was mucking mulch around the yard.
 I waited to unpack it until after I was cleaned up.
It's draped on our new "reading" couch in the playroom (our old family room couch)
Love the quilt's vintage prints with my adorable owl pillows made by my
very talented friend Lisa from her awesome Etsy shop (5 Orange Potatoes).

"E" reading one of her new garage sale books on the couch.
It's a diary of a girl her age from the Titanic.

I also made new curtains for the girls' bathroom window.
Love them, will post details and more photos later - yes, 
we made our own fabric (well, we colored black and white Ikea bird fabric) 

So that's how we spent our weekend, and Friday 
we officially start Summer Vacation
with E's last day of school -- it's about time! 
Let the SUMMER fun begin!

Pink and Green Mama

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