Wednesday, May 2, 2012

* Preserving and Organizing School Memories

I saw this great idea on Pinterest a while back and thought it was a fantastic idea!
I love Pinterest, it gives me so many great ideas to make my life a bit easier,
and it's fun eye candy too!

The source I pinned from was Dandee Designs. 
Danyelle organizes her children's school papers into file boxes with hanging file folders - genius!

I was Pinspired!
Such a simple system and one that I can actually do.

I purchased my Sterlite file boxes (with cute lime green lids)
and Rainbow hanging file folders (of course) from Target. 
She made fancy labels for each folder (very cute.) 

I just hand wrote the year and grade on each tab. 

Because my folders are transparent, I didn't glue the school photos to the folders,
I wanted to still be able to use them for other projects like family photo galleries
or scrapbooks. I just tucked each girl's school photo from that year
into the front of the file folder so it could peek through the transparent material.

Then, as the school year has gone by, I just tuck in: 

school photos, 
report cards,
samples of writing,
 and (of course) art work 
for each girl. 

I plan to expand each child into two file boxes if necessary. 
No more school paper clutter sitting on the kitchen counter - 
if it's special or memorable I throw it in the file box,  otherwise it goes into recycling. 

I made sure to purchase enough file folders and 
pre- labeled them for each child all the way through high school. 
Super simple. 

Happy Organizing!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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