Monday, May 21, 2012

* Painting Outdoors With Kids

The weather has been gorgeous the past few weeks
so "C" and I decided it was time to make some art outdoors
before all of the summer bugs and humidity descend upon us.

We spent two afternoons painting al fresco and she loved it.
First, I set her up with my easel and a canvas
she helped me gesso a few weeks before.

You can recycle old canvases by giving them a fresh coat of white or black gesso
just make sure the gesso is dry before you start your new painting.

We "recycled" an old painting by gesso-ing over it so it has a really 
neat texture which is a look I prefer and do with my own paintings.

Then, I set her up with a palette of acrylic paint on a paper plate
easy to throw away when you're done painting just make sure it's not a 
windy day- you don't want a paper plate full of wet paint blowing across your yard
or into your work or your clothes!

Yes, we're the people painting in the front yard when you drive past our house.

One of my old art teacher tricks for keeping the paint from getting
smeared into gross brown on the palette is to use a different
brush each time you switch colors
so I just set her up with my big cup of paint brushes 
and hand her a new one each time she wants to switch colors -
we keep a second cup of water next to it to drop the dirty brushes into.

If I'm setting up paint cups I put a brush in each cup and it works that way too.

You can also rinse out your brush between every color but 
it gets gross, you have to change your water a million times
(not convenient when you're painting al fresco!) 
and it makes your painting drippy/runny/muddy looking.

My way is easier and I'm all about easy when painting with kids.

The artist at work.

Did I ever tell you "C" speaks fluent tush? 
Yes, she has a very expressive tiny tush.  : )

Beautiful blue sky full of clouds - I told you it was a perfect afternoon!
We had to end our painting session early to go pick up her sister from school
so the next afternoon we set up the easel again on the back deck
and "C" finished her masterpiece.

"C" (age 5) has been making these really cool color block
abstract drawings for the past 6 months so I wasn't 
surprised at all when she made this beautiful abstract painting
in the same style. I love that she has such a colorful way of expressing herself!

Love all of her colors and textures.

She even painted the edges of my gallery wrapped canvas.
Her masterpiece is now hanging in our playroom.
It makes me smile every time I walk past it! 

Happy Spring Painting!

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