Friday, May 4, 2012

* "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" School Year Memory Book Tradition

Here is another great idea I found on Pinterest.
Lisa's Workshop blog shared this great idea and it was so easy, I had to do it too!
I was Pinspired!

At the end of each school year, she secretly asks her child's teacher 
to sign the inside cover of a copy of  Dr. Seuss' "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" 

I loved the idea so much that I pinned this earlier in the year 
and purchased a second copy of the book,
we already had one copy on our book shelves.

Armed with a copy for each daughter, I got to work.

I glued a preschool photo of each of the girls inside her own book with her name and the year. 

Then, I glued a small piece of paper to the back inside cover of the book
with the year she'll graduate from high school. We'll add that photo when each girl is a senior.

I packed up the books in manilla envelopes with a note explaining what I was up to. 
I asked each teacher to write a quick note to my daughter and sign their name
and the year or grade they taught 
and I thanked them profusely for teaching my children 
and for helping with such a special project! 

We secretly circulated the book around to all of their teachers,
since I only started the book this year I had to go back and contact
each of their previous teachers - I even took them to their preschools and got 
those teachers in on it! 

It has been so heart warming to read the kind words my daughter's 
wonderful teachers have inscribed to them.
Geoff and I had tears in our eyes when we read the notes.
It will be so special for the girls to read all of these nice
words of encouragement when they embark on their future journeys
when they graduate from high school. 
In the meantime, I'm just storing their books inside our school memory file boxes
and trying my best to keep it a secret!

Happy Memory Making!

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