Monday, May 14, 2012

* Mini Writing Centers To Encourage Writing and Creating

I recently came across this wonderful post my blogger friend, 
Amy Mascott from Teach Mama wrote about Mini Writing Centers on Mom's Homeroom. 
She described the concept of kid-friendly portable writing stations 
that can be carried around by children to use around your home. 

They would be a great way to encourage spontaneous and creative writing
 in a classroom setting as well!

She includes a must have list in her article
Top 10 Supplies for every Mini Writing Center:

* Container (with a handle is nice) to hold all of your supplies.
* Paper
* Envelopes
* Index Cards
* Markers
* Pencils and Erasers
* Crayons
* Letter Charts
* Family Name Sheet
* Stickers

I would add: 
* A Stapler
* Scotch Tape
* Highlighters
* Colored Pencils or Crayola Twistables
* A Ruler

In our house, writing and drawing are usually combined 
into one big spontaneous creative activity throughout the day 
and seems to travel from room to room and even into the car! 

It is great for impromptu writing at the kitchen counter while I cook dinner or fix lunch, 
playing school in our playroom, 
spontaneous coloring in the family room, 
and even for trips to the backyard under the trees or on the deck for some al fresco creating. 
Having everything in one easy to grab and go location makes it easy and kid-friendly. 

We have a portable writing basket in our home 
that is a re-purposed and re-cycled diaper changing basket/caddy 
that I first shared with you on my blog here, 

The girls also have clip boards and lap desks for writing in squishy places
like their beds, the couch, the backseat of the car...

"C" was just a little stink when I took this photo of her 
proudly showing me her drawing she made 
with our portable writing and art basket in our playroom. 

Writing centers don't always have to be portable.
Setting up a child size desk or table and stocking it with writing supplies
will encourage and invite your child to spend spontaneous time
writing and creating in your home.

We recently bought this perfect little first desk for "C" at our neighbor's garage sale.
It is a solid little wooden child's desk from Ikea. 
She loves the cubbies and the secret storage area underneath the lift-up table top. 

There is room on the top shelf to store our homemade pencil block.
Check out my post Kid's Carpentry: Pencil Block to learn how to make your own!
(It would be a great father and child activity to make for Father's Day next month.)

What better way to personalize your child's writing center than with 
homemade containers for pencils, pens, and writing supplies?
This post from my archives,  ReCycled Paper Cup Weaving has directions.

Her new desk even has a little shelf down by her feet where she stores
workbooks and her Letter Writing Center box - another great writing activity!

Here she is today, sitting at her little desk in the family room, 
proudly writing and drawing -- So Big!

Pink and Green Mama

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