Monday, May 7, 2012

Homemade, Kid-Friendly Cards and Stationery Ideas

With Mother's Day and Father's Day around the corner, it's the perfect time 
to make some One-of-a-Kind Stationery with your child
 and practice those letter writing skills.
I would much rather receive a letter or card from one of my daughters 
that is homemade rather than one they bought at a store.  

My oldest daughter, "E" actually made these Four Seasons Note Cards 
last winter to give as Christmas gifts and then we got busy and forgot about them
so... we decided to save them for Mother's Day gifts last year!

My daughters are lucky enough to have two grandmothers 
and two great-grandmothers to celebrate for Mother's Day.

To make the note cards, my daughter drew a drawing with colored pencil
on a sheet of white office paper (folded in half so she knew where to keep her drawing)
You can also use watercolor, collage, marker with crayon (any media.)
Then, I just run them through our copier/printer to make full color copies on white card stock.
If you don't have a copier at home you could have some made at a local office copy shop.

We bundled them with envelopes and tied them with a piece of rainbow yarn.
A perfect gift for Great Grandmothers who can't get out to the store anymore  to purchase cards.
They're fun to use to write letters and send drawings as well.
They'll also be appreciated by grandmothers who always want kid art!

Another simple and favorite art project technique that makes beautiful cards
is to ask your child to draw a simple line drawing with a black permanent marker
on a piece of white card stock.
Then, just paint them with watercolors for a gorgeous stained glass effect.

I love these Gorgeous Georgia O'Keeffe inspired flowers I made with "E"s class a few years ago.

To make these colorful cards and envelopes we had fun 

If you have basic sewing machine skills (e.g. you can sew a straight line) 
then you can make these heartfelt cards. 
For complete directions see my post Re-Cycled Art Stitched Heart Cards here.
Just pick scraps of paper and bits of old art work with your child and cut out
some simple heart shapes, then use your sewing machine to stitch them
to a folded piece of white card stock or blank card from the craft store.

I recently came across this great article on Mom's Homeroom
 about making "One-of-a-Kind Stationery," by Jolie Stekly 
and I couldn't agree more with her sentiment that custom stationery, made by your child,
is not only special but also heartfelt and original. 

After you've made a supply of homemade cards and stationery,
why not set up your own Letter Writing and Mailing Center for your child?
My wonderfully talented blogger friend Mariah Bruehl recently posted a great 
collection of 11 Inspiring Writing Center ideas here on her Playful Learning Blog.

Happy Card Making!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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