Saturday, May 26, 2012

* Cardboard Shoe Box Play House With Egg Carton Furniture

Today, I wanted to share "E"s cardboard box play house with you.
She spent an entire afternoon and part of an evening working
on it and I think it is adorable!

She found this nice big shoe box in our garage recycling pile
and wanted to make a little play doll house out of it. 
Of course as soon as she decided to make a play house, her little sister wanted 
to make one too so she found a second box for "C" and divided her time
to help her sister make a little house too. 

She drew a door and windows on the back wall of the shoebox house 
and asked me to help her cut them out with my craft knife.

She added a handle on top to make it portable. 
Then, she attached it to the box with a couple of brads.

"E" wanted to make furniture out of egg cartons like
the cute egg carton furniture we saw 

So, I helped her cut the egg cartons apart and she fit them together
into the pieces of furniture she wanted for her little house. 

Here is the bed made out of egg cartons with a little basket on top.

These are the chairs, coffee table, and couch. 

After the furniture was assembled she got to work 
painting it with washable acrylic craft paint.

The artist at work.

Love that turquoise and green comforter!

She decided to paint the house too. 

After the paint dried, she added details with permanent marker.

She used "wood grain" contact paper to make the wooden front door
and the "hardwood" floors. 

Scrapbooking stickers were used as flowers. 

It is a perfect little house for some of our Calico Critters. 

See the little button burners on the stove?

That's a tiny "I Heart Art" poster on the wall. 

Mama bunny making the bed -- the cat always gets in the way,
just like our house!

Tiny painting. 
(She made curtains too- they're on in the corner of the photo.)

Home Sweet (Tiny) Home!

Pink and Green Mama

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