Thursday, May 24, 2012

* Cardboard Box Play House and More Cardboard Box Crafts for Kids

There's nothing like a cardboard box to entertain my girls 
for an entire weekend afternoon.

This time, we threw in some "fancy" duct tape
and woodgrain contact paper and the girls were in craft heaven!

Do you remember when they made this Recycled Robot?

Or, this little Recycled Box House?

I love it when the girls disappear into the art studio
and spend hours creating new "toys" for themselves.

 The artists in action!

This past weekend, they both made "computer machine things" out of 
giant cardboard boxes leftover from our new Ikea couch. 
They are adorable and I'll try to get photos of it up on the blog soon!

"C" (age 5) made a "copy machine" - 
we feed her a piece of paper with a drawing or shapes on it
and she sends out a copy of the drawing that is "her version" : )

"E" (age 9) made a big "math machine" 
with working lights (made out of LEDs and hearing aide batteries)
and a calculator -- it spits out math problems.

I wonder if I could convince them to build a foot rub machine
where mom sticks her feet inside and they rub my feet?!

For today's post, I wanted to share these cardboard box playhouses
that "C" and "E" for some of their little dolls recently.

"C"s house was a modified box from the post office.
Her big sister helped cut out the doors and windows.
They wrapped the whole thing with hot pink and leopard print duct tape.

They even cut and wedged cardboard inside to make a floor.

I love the way she added a handle on top so it's portable.
This way her dolls can travel around the house in style!

Coming up next...I'll show you "E"s little cardboard box house.

Pink and Green Mama

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