Monday, May 28, 2012

* Cardboard Box Fun - Homemade Machines

We bought a new couch from Ikea last weekend
and the girls took several of the boxes and "repurposed" them....

I came upstairs and found this waiting for me in the hallway. 
Two small voices announced, 
"Welcome to Machine Alley" 
The voices were giggling and sounded a lot like "E" and "C."

First there was this mysterious "Radio Machine" that plays CDs.
According to the sign, you just pop your favorite CD into the slot and it will play. 
It really worked. 

I did some investigating...A-ha!
 I think I know how this machine works.

What's this? A "Math Machine"... hmmm... 
wonder how this one works. 

The machine told me to write a math problem on a piece of paper
and push it through the slot. 
So I did and then these eyes appeared in the window!
Look carefully, do you see them?

Lights started flashing as "E" moved 
a flashlight  back and forth from inside the box. 

Machine Alley even has it's own phone booth.
There is a slot to insert a quarter
and a phone book with real phone numbers
and advertisements for Machine Alley inside. 

There was even a "Copy Machine" with a cute robot head.

"C" made the copy machine. 
Her big sister helped her with some of the words
and told her how to spell "Copy Machine" 
Yes, I believe that is a baby chicken on the sign.

Note, you can only use post it notes in the copy machine.
It has very detailed directions - very helpful. 

A sneak peek behind the scenes!

So now you know what my kids were up to this three day weekend.
Have your kids made anything fun with boxes lately? 

Pink and Green Mama,

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