Thursday, April 19, 2012

* Secret Sister Hideout - Closet Tunnel Between Children's Rooms

Two months ago, Geoff and I decided to cut a secret passageway
for the girls between their two closets. 

Yes, we cut a hole in the wall of our house to make a secret tunnel.
Yes, it IS the coolest thing ever (according to our kids and their friends.)

Pardon my crummy photos, I was mostly the helper for this project
and only remembered to take a couple of quick photos as we were working.

We started by cutting out a square of drywall in "C"s bedroom closet wall. 

Then, we went around to "E"s closet wall on the opposite side
and cut the same size hole through her drywall. 

There was one stud in the middle. 
Geoff carefully cut it away and used it to block the hole at the top of the square.

Then, we made a quick run to Lowes and got a couple of nice pieces of unfinished white pine.
We decided to keep it simple and not paint the wood, 
you could but we like the natural wood color. 

Geoff nailed and screwed the board into the opening and 
used his mitre saw to cut natural wood trim to finish the openings on both sides. 

The girls love their tunnel.

They crawl through it and trade secrets.
So many giggles.

They like to drag pillows and blankets in there with flashlights
and hide out with the closet doors closed.

Right now they have an elaborate doll house set up in there for their 18" dolls. 
It only took a couple of hours 
(including the time to run to the store) and the girls love it. 

Everyone who comes to our house now has to go visit the (not-so) secret tunnel!

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