Wednesday, April 11, 2012

* Nature Table At Home and Bug Collection

I recently set up a Nature Exploration Table 
for "C" and "E" to enjoy in our family room. 

I set them up with an assortment of rocks, shells, and some coral 
on a tray with a magnifying glass and some jeweler's loops. 

I love setting out things in an appealing way for the girls to discover and explore.
It's like a mini natural history/science museum at home. 

I also wanted to show "E"s bug collection with you.
We found this shadow box frame at Goodwill last year 
and "E" spent the summer collecting (dead) bugs she found in our yard.
No bugs were harmed in the making of this collection.

She pinned them to the fabric wrapped back board
with some of my sewing pins and now we have a little exhibit.

Happy Nature Exploration!

Pink and Green Mama

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