Friday, April 13, 2012

* Doll Suitcase Surprise Birthday Gift

My mom recently celebrated her birthday.
To make it extra special this year, I wanted to do something to remind her of her childhood. 
She was the youngest of 7 children and loved to play dolls 
with her sister under the apple tree in their yard.

They each had a Betsy McCall doll,
my mom's doll was a brunette her sister's was blonde. 

Mom still has her original Betsy McCall doll 
wrapped in tissue, sitting in a lonely drawer in her room. 
My mom also still has her Ms. Revlon doll that they used as the "mom."
I thought she needed a more special way to save her dolls. 

Then, I glued a copy of this photo from the 1950s of my mom and her sister
playing with their dolls under the apple tree to the inside lid of the doll suitcase.

Then it was time to fill it with some goodies! 
I found a reproduction Betsy McCall doll with blonde ringlets online.

I also located a wonderful Etsy artist named Alice who made
me a miniature Betsy McCall wardrobe for my mom's suitcase.
We worked together to pick the designs and the fabrics -
it was so much fun for both of us
and REALLY hard to not tell my mom what I was up to!

Her shop is called Grandma's Bliss, go say "hi" and tell her I sent you!

She did a great job and the clothes are beautifully made.
Thank you, Alice!

Tiny robe and PJs. 

Little skirts, tops, and sweet pink flannel jacket.
My mom was so surprised when she opened her gift - 
the girls were really excited about it too!

Now her Betsy McCall doll has a little sister/playmate again!

The girls also made their own homemade gifts for my mom.

"E" is really into origami right now so she made this adorable
bookmark for my mom. I ran it through my Scotch Thermal Laminator.

And "C" made this adorable "Cats Have Been Fed!" card
for my parents to use at their house.

Her naughty cats have this little game of waking up my parents (separately) 
and faking them out to tell them they haven't been fed yet -- 
now my parents leave the card out on the counter
after they feed the cats so they know they've already been fed!

My mom on her 3rd Birthday -- she looks like a little Betsy McCall doll!

Happy Birthday Mom! 
We love you. 

Love this photo I took of my girls with my mom on her birthday -- framing it and hanging it up!

Pink and Green Mama

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