Sunday, April 15, 2012

* All About Me Profile Self Portrait Art Lesson

"E" (age 9) was recently assigned to make a collage about herself 
as part of a school assignment.

I showed it to "E" and she had her own idea of how she wanted to make it.

We started by using a lamp to make a shadow of her profile against a sheet of paper 
taped to the wall - I traced it lightly with pencil and she cut it out. 
She picked turquoise blue, her favorite color.

Then she used google images to find pictures of a bunch of her favorite things
and we printed them out and she cut them all out and started to arrange them 
on a sheet of blue construction paper. 
The glued the cut paper profile on top of the collage and used markers to add details. 

"E" loves snails. 

Jelly Beans. 
Asian-style Gardens. 

Crocheted Snails. 
Rocks and Minerals. 

and of course... Art!

She made these letters on a sheet of white paper and cut them out
and glued them on top of her profile.

Her proud mama thought she did a great job and wanted to share her project with all of you.

I think it would be a great classroom lesson as well. 

Pink and Green Mama

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