Monday, March 19, 2012

* Terrarium Themed Birthday Cake!

We just celebrated "E"s 9th birthday last week with a 
Terrarium Themed Birthday Party!

She has a pet garden snail named "Tiny"that she has successfully kept in a terrarium
in her room for the past three years. "E"has loved snails forever and we went with 
the terrarium theme to incorporate woodland gnomes, snails, mushrooms, and owls into her party. 

She sketched out her cake to show me the way she wanted it to look.
Originally, we were going to make all of the plants out of candy
(think gum drops, gummy leaves, fruit roll ups)
but things got crazy here and it was easier for me to use some stuff we had in the house.

For the cake we baked a chocolate 9" round cake. 
Then frosted it with store-bought chocolate frosting. 

The plastic plants were from PlayMobil play sets as were the little red mushrooms.
The plastic snail was from a fairy set.

The candy rocks were picked up at the Denver Air Port in a gift shop
the little ones are chocolate and the big ones are like big jelly beans inside.
The gummy worms were a fun touch we made by poking holes into the cake 
and poking the worms inside so they looked like they were crawling out of the dirt!

I also cut out some "Fruit by the Foot" fruit roll ups for leaves
and used some green frosting as the final plant accents.

The cake was really cute and delicious!
We just added an upside down plastic salad bowl to make the "terrarium" cover. 

"E"'s 9th Birthday Terrarium Cake waiting on the buffet for her friends to arrive
and get the party started!

We made her invitations this year by copying a terrarium drawing
by "E" on our scanner/copier and adding some details with crayon.
Then we cut it out and glued it to these fun corrugated cardboard cards
I had leftover in my stash and sadly I do not know where they came from (I wish I had more.)

Birthday cake glowing with 9 candles!

The birthday girl had a great celebration with her closest friends.
More details about the party coming soon!

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