Tuesday, March 6, 2012

* Penguin Party Birthday Cake and Jello Jiggler "Ice" Blocks

 For C's Penguin Birthday Party, she wanted a penguin cake.
At first, she wanted me to make a big 3-D cake in the shape of a penguin
but I was able to talk some sense into her and
explain that an igloo with some penguin cookies would be MUCH easier.

Our latest issue of Family Fun magazine arrived in time to help me
convince her once I showed her their adorable Milano cookie penguins!

My assistant chef, "E" and I gathered our supplies and got to work
making little sister's birthday cake. 

My favorite part was when she told me that when she's a mom, 
she wants me to come over to her house so we can make the birthday cakes for her kids 
and it will be our family tradition. 
Umm...Yes, please! : )

"E" adding Wilton frosting eyeballs and Fruit Roll-Up beaks to the 
Milano Cookie Penguins.
We melted chocolate chips in the microwave to make the chocolate
to carefully coat the sides of the cookies with.

Penguin cookies drying on parchment paper.
(Psst...They're delicious dipped in morning coffee!)

For the cake, I baked a simple cake in a 9" round pan and baked
some extra batter in a small greased Pyrex bowl (for the Igloo.)

Then, we frosted the cake with white frosting. 
Added these cute penguin cookies...

and... here we have a Penguin Cake!

We used sugar cubes as ice blocks,
blue gel frosting to add details to the igloo, 
and sprinkles because "C" picked them out.

The Pink Penguin table waiting for our guests to arrive.
I used leftover wrapping paper as the "runner" (just toss it in recycling after the party)

"C" also wanted to try making Jello Jigglers
so we made "ice blocks" with blue jello and the girls added 
a couple of play penguins. 

Happy 5th Birthday, sweet "C"
Mommy, Daddy, and "E" love you very much.

Pink and Green Mama

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