Sunday, March 25, 2012

* Color Matching Easter Egg Game

C's preschool class is studying Eggs and Birds this week so we made this 
cute little seasonal manipulative for her classroom.

I think saw this idea somewhere on Pinterest or blog land but now I can't find the link--ack! 
If you come across it let me know so I can give credit where it's due.
*Note: I was contacted by Chelle who writes Having Fun At Chelle's House blog, 

We picked up some plastic easter eggs at the store and had the craft felt in our art studio stash.

"C" helped me make felt eggs by gluing the colored yolks to white blob shapes
(we used Aleene's Tacky Glue),
the whole thing took about 10 minutes to cut out, glue and put together.
The longest part was waiting for the glue to dry before we stuffed the felt eggs into the shells!

We decided to go with glue instead of hand sewing the eggs- 
that way "C"was able to help make them. 

When we've made felt eggs in the past (see my old post here) I sewed them.

The paper egg carton was in our garage "recycling" art supplies.
I added a quick cut paper and magic marker cover to spruce it up a bit
before we delivered it to her classroom.

Eggs ready to sort, match, count and play!
Their teacher said the kids decided they should go into the play kitchen
and got to work coming up with all sorts of games with them.

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