Friday, March 16, 2012

* Color Mixing Fun with Drinks and Water

How fun would this be to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
Mix your own Kid-friendly Rainbow Drinks!

Today's project is actually from E's Rainbow Birthday Party
we hosted in 2010 to celebrate her 7th birthday.
As a fun twist on our drink's station, we filled three pitchers
with Sprite colored BLUE, YELLOW, and RED food coloring.
As the kids (and adults!) poured their drinks into cups, they could mix
their own custom (or favorite) color for their drink. 

NOTE: You could just use water, if you don't want your kid's drinking soda 
(we used Sprite Zero)

Another favorite, colorful, and creative project in our household
is to mix up batches of colored water using water and food coloring.
My girls love to mix colors and experiment with eye droppers
as well as making batches of colored water to line our playroom windowsills.

Why not CREATE your own batch of colored water today with your own kids?
So pretty and happy! 

More Fun things to do with colored water:

Freeze into ice cubes and throw them in the bath tub.

Make a Mad Scientist "Lab" and create colorful concoctions with
water, food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar. 

Fill Jars or Glasses with colored water in different amounts
and create a home made xylophone (experiment with sound and color)

Pink and Green Mama

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