Sunday, March 4, 2012

* Cardboard Penguin Toss Game and Fish Bean Bags

"C" wanted a toss game like we had last year for 

She wanted to throw fish into a penguin's mouth but I didn't know how
to make a penguin with an open beak that didn't look creepy 
so we compromised and tossed fish into his tummy instead.

We started with another free box from BJs. 
Gessoed it white when we painted the big igloo, then after it dried
added a quick light blue outline and some black paint.

"C" glued on two big googly eyes and we added cut paper feet and a felt heart beak.
For the wings, we used the circle shaped piece we cut out of the tummy.
We just cut it in half and glue-gunned it to the box as the wings. 

For the bean bags, I cut out simple felt fish and sewed on button eyes 
(a good lap project while watching evening television on the DVR)
I sewed them shut on the sewing machine and we filled them with dry split peas
and a couple of magnets....why add the magnets?
Because I wanted to be able to play with the fish in more than one way.
We used them as bean bags to toss but also for indoor (dry) fishing.

The fishing poles were made by tying a piece of yarn and a fridge magnet
to a 5 Gallong Paint Stirring stick purchased from Walmart.
You could use little sticks but we liked the big ones.

We used these "fishing poles" for our indoor bathtub fishing in the water as well as 
for our "dry" fishing with the bean bag fish in the family room.

For the feed the penguin, bean bag toss game, we just set out 
a basket of bean bag fish and the penguin box.
The kids knew just what to do!

More penguin party details soon!

Cost: less than $4 for the bag of dried peas and three paint sticks
since I had the felt and magnets in my craft stash and the box only cost time to paint. 

Pink and Green Mama

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