Friday, March 2, 2012

* Cardboard Box Punch-Out Birthday Party Surprise Board

I first saw this idea on Pinterest then followed the links just now
as I'm typing this, to find out the photo I saw came from a blog called
She has a great tutorial there and I wish I'd read it before I made mine.
I just saw the photo on Pinterest and made it up as I went so I'll show 
you how I made mine, you can check out hers HERE and use 
whichever method you prefer!

She used sheets of poster board and paper bags, 
I used an old shipping box from our garage and paper cups. 

I traced circles from a paper cup with a pencil and cut the 
circles out with a box cutter- they weren't perfect but they didn't need to be.

Then, we painted the outside of the box white with some white gesso paint.

After the white paint dried, we used Elmer's school glue to glue
around the perimeter of each circle from the back of the box.

Then, we pressed strips of tissue paper down across each row.

I didn't have any purple tissue paper so we used 
a scrap of "rainbow" print for the bottom row.

We didn't have a "real party" this year. It was just a 
birthday party play date for "C" and her two best friends from school
(that's what she wanted and the day is about her not us)

So, I made a row for each girl. 
They each got to punch out one red, one yellow, one green, and one blue circle.
The bottom three "rainbow" circles were saved for big sister "E"

View of the tissue box from behind -- like a cool stained glass box!

Once the tissue dried, I used my glue gun to attach paper cups
to the back of each circle with little prizes like mini erasers and wind-up penguin toys inside.

The girls had a blast punching and poking through the holes
to find their "treasures" 

It was a "Smashing" success!

It mostly cost me "time" rather than "materials" to make this party activity.
The whole thing went in recycling when we were done.

Pink and Green Mama

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