Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Puppy Love Bubble Potion Craft Project

We decided to make our own "Puppy Love" potion and make a game out of it.
First, we picked up some bottles of bubble solution at the store. 
(the kind we used can be found at Walmart and Target)
Then, we got to work "transforming" them into magical potion bottles!

To make our magic bubble potions, we glued glittery foam heart stickers 
to scrapbook paper labels and added stickers to show what kind of potion is inside the bottle. 

I attached the labels with my glue gun (but you could also use craft glue) - 
safety note: make sure an adult uses the glue gun- they're too hot for small fingers! 

Then, I added some bling to the bubble bottles with some decorative craft gems and my glue gun.

Our finished "Puppy Love" bubble potion bottle.
Then, we decided to make some fancy bubble wands to go with our fancy potion bottles!

"C" (age 5) helped me make homemade bubble wands
by stringing beads onto chenille pipe cleaners.

For each wand, we shaped the top first (circles, hearts, diamonds)
then strung on some beads and twisted the end to keep the beads from falling off. 

The homemade bubble wands hold more bubble solution and make huge bubbles!

Our homemade magic bubble potions,

"True Love"
"Puppy Love"
and "Kitty Love"

When we finished making the bubble bottles and wands, 
we headed outside to test them out!

Our game was great fun in the backyard.

We took turns blowing bubbles from the different potion bottles.
If a bubble touches you from one of the bottles, you have to act like that thing.
For example, here is "C" transformed into a puppy as big sister "E"
blows "Puppy Love" potion bubbles on her!

Because my daughter "C" loves all things kitty, 
we had to make a batch of pink "Kitty Love" bubble potion too!

Watch out, if you get tagged by a "kitty love" potion bubble,
you'll have to act like a kitty cat!

Of course we had to make some "True Love" potion too!

The girls had a great time playing in the backyard with their new 
"magic" bubble potions and homemade bubble wands!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

* Peg Doll Family

"C"and I did some late afternoon peg doll painting last month.
I made this little mini version of our family. 

We pick up our wooden pegs for peg people at the local craft store
(Michaels) I think you can also get them at JoAnnes, Hobby Lobby, or online.

"C" painted one too but asked me to add the face - it's tricky with little paint brushes.

We just use our watercolor paints but you can also use acrylic craft paint or permanent marker.

A little peg people family would be a fun addition to your easter basket!

Pink and Green Mama

Sunday, March 25, 2012

* Color Matching Easter Egg Game

C's preschool class is studying Eggs and Birds this week so we made this 
cute little seasonal manipulative for her classroom.

I think saw this idea somewhere on Pinterest or blog land but now I can't find the link--ack! 
If you come across it let me know so I can give credit where it's due.
*Note: I was contacted by Chelle who writes Having Fun At Chelle's House blog, 

We picked up some plastic easter eggs at the store and had the craft felt in our art studio stash.

"C" helped me make felt eggs by gluing the colored yolks to white blob shapes
(we used Aleene's Tacky Glue),
the whole thing took about 10 minutes to cut out, glue and put together.
The longest part was waiting for the glue to dry before we stuffed the felt eggs into the shells!

We decided to go with glue instead of hand sewing the eggs- 
that way "C"was able to help make them. 

When we've made felt eggs in the past (see my old post here) I sewed them.

The paper egg carton was in our garage "recycling" art supplies.
I added a quick cut paper and magic marker cover to spruce it up a bit
before we delivered it to her classroom.

Eggs ready to sort, match, count and play!
Their teacher said the kids decided they should go into the play kitchen
and got to work coming up with all sorts of games with them.

Pink and Green Mama

Saturday, March 24, 2012

* Natural Easter Basket With Cat Grass

Every year, we grow "natural" Easter baskets
with cat grass instead of the usual shredded paper grass. 

You have to actually remember to start them at least a week before you need them.

First we line our Easter Baskets with aluminum pans. 
Crafty Recycling at it's finest.... (leftover from our favorite dinner rolls!)

This way, we can remove the trays easily after Easter and turn them into Fairy Gardens! 
You could also use round cake pans.

Cat Grass seeds mixed with potting soil.
Might as well grow something the kitty can safely enjoy when we're done...
(I think some people grow Wheat Grass for their baskets)

Find a safe sunny spot indoors for your seeds to germinate.

"C"'s job is to water our baskets with her spray bottle.
Yes... that was blue painter's tape on my doors, 
we were remodeling when these photos were taken...
this is old photo from a couple of years ago.

Our baskets sit by the door, waiting for some sun... and misting from little friends.

Tiny the snail gets a misting too!

Happy (Natural) Easter!

Pink and Green Mama

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

* Terrarium Themed Birthday Party

Warning: Today's post is going to be photo-heavy!

"E" has always been my nature girl, 
she loves snails, owls, sting rays, fish, jelly fish, octopi, you name it.
When she was 2 or 3 years old she announced that her favorite thing in the world is,
"plants by water."  For her 3rd birthday we had a "fish and ocean" themed party.
For her 4th birthday she had a "frog" theme.
For her 5th birthday she asked for a microscope.

So, I wasn't surprised when she asked for a "terrarium themed" nature party 
this year to celebrate her 9th birthday.

"E"has had a pet garden snail named "Tiny" since she was 5 years old.
He has lived in a terrarium (she made and maintains) in our house for the past 3.5 years.
The invitations were based on a drawing she made of Tiny the Snail's terrarium.

We found these adorable recycled paper folders at Target
and decided to use them instead of "favor bags"

The mini notebooks, pens, and pencils were picked up at the Target Dollar Spot.
The butterfly coloring sheets were printed out from this website onto Vellum paper.

As the girls arrived, they picked up their folders and got to work
coloring their vellum butterflies (to be cut out and taped up to windows at home)
It was a nice little ice breaker and allowed the girls to visit and get to know each other a bit. 

Coloring butterflies in the art studio with pens and Crayola Twistables. 

"E" labeled each folder with these adorable tags I picked up at World Market.
She matched each folder and critter tag to match each of her friend's personalities and likes.

After they colored their butterflies the girls enjoyed a pizza lunch.
Yes, they're making weird faces for the camera -- so pretty. 

They also enjoyed fresh veggies and fruit - "E"'s favorites.

After lunch, it was time to clean off the kitchen table and make terrariums.

For the centerpieces, we planted some spring bulbs in assorted jars and vases
and started them in our sunny playroom windowsill.

We also had some lovely fresh tulips thanks to lovely Aunt Darby.

Potting soil was out on the deck for scooping - not in the house.

I picked up these adorable jars at Walmart for less than $8 each. 
They were roomy and nice for terrariums as well-- and also a mini version of Tiny's Terrarium.

"E" drew this diagram to show her friends how to layer their terrariums.

We prepped and collected supplies and "elements" for the terrariums
so the girls could have fun personalizing them.

We spread out some newspapers, gave each girl her own jar
(pre-layered with gravel, spaghnum moss, and organic potting soil.)
We also gave each girl an ice tea spoon to use as their mini-shovel for planting their plants.

Seashells collected from trips to the beach.

Polished river stones from the craft department at Walmart.

We picked up these little gnomes at JoAnnes (with a coupon!)

Geoff and I both helped the girls build their terrariums.
There was a lot less mess to clean up than I anticipated!

When they were finished with their terrariums, 
we did a mini photo shoot using our playroom curtains as the backdrop.
I took a portrait of each guest with her finished jar - 
to be included with "Thank You" notes.

Then, the girls all went outside to play hide-n-seek in our backyard,
it was a beautiful afternoon.

Some friends hid in the trees...

Others were hiding around corners!

Then, we headed in for birthday cake and presents.

"E" and I made the cake together. 

My sweet 9 year old.

E's best friend (and her mother) knit her this adorable Pig with Wigs set!
It was her favorite birthday gift.

Balloons were all blue and green - "E"'s two favorite colors.

Our family Happy Birthday banner.

The birthday girl and her best buddies!

To send each terrarium home safely, I saved boxes in our garage
and packed up each jar so no one would have a spill in their car!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.

Pink and Green Mama

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