Thursday, February 23, 2012

* Watercolor Basket - Making Art Supplies Accessible For Children

My girls love to paint with watercolors and they seem to have 
the world's worst timing to ask me if they can paint with them. 

The supplies were scattered around the art studio in places they needed my help to reach. 

For example they would ask for watercolors when I was in the shower,
or when I was cooking dinner and had raw chicken all over my hands, 
or when I was "indisposed" (hiding in ) the bathroom... you get the idea!

I knew I needed to come up with a solution but it's one of those things that I kept
forgetting about until I was busy and they asked again. 

Finally, I came up with a solution during the first week of my on-line 
Playful Learning Spaces class with Mariah Bruehl. 

Put everything in a pretty basket 
and leave it out where the kids can find it.
Why did it take me this long to figure this out?! 

I used a basket I already had in the house. 

I filled it with: 
two tablets of watercolor paper, 
watercolor paints and brushes,
two glass jars (that can be filled with water at the sink),
a sharpened pencil, 
a fine tip and a small line permanent marker,
small roll of paper towels, 
and some water-soluble colored pencils. 

Note: The salt shaker we use for watercolors is sitting on a table in the art studio
where they can reach it as needed but it's not in the basket
(I was worried it would tip over in the basket.)

The girls "discovered" their new watercolor basket as soon as they got home
from school that afternoon and have been using it almost daily ever since. 

Evening watercolor session while mom cooks dinner.


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