Thursday, February 9, 2012

* Valentine's Day T-Shirt Tutorial: Heart Doily Shirt

The girls and I love seasonal holiday t-shirts and
it's so much more fun when you make your own!

The girls and loved the craft on the cover of February's Family Fun Magazine.
We picked up some long sleeved t-shirts at Target on clearance ($4 each!)
and already had fabric paint and doilies in the house.
Jean over at the Artful Parent also has a great tutorial for her Heart Doily Shirts!
For another twist on this same project check out Dana's Made It post 
(she printed hers on another piece of fabric and appliqu├ęd it to her shirt)

Our plans to print Valentine's day t-shirts were derailed by a couple of head colds
and some school work but finally, one evening this past weekend 
we were able to print some shirts!

Because we were making these in the art studio in the evening, the lighting 
is not ideal -- sorry about that!

We inserted a piece of cardboard inside each t-shirt before printing to protect
the backside of the shirt and to give it some stability. 
Then we used a little dab from a glue stick to attach each doily to the center 
of each shirt. 

We used Tulip brand fabric paint from Michaels Craft Store.

Note: you can also buy fabric paint at Walmart and JoAnnes 
but I could only find the puffy kind at Walmart and I don't think the project would
turn out as well with puffy paint so check your labels!

We applied the fabric paint with a foam craft brush (and some regular kid paint brushes)
If you use real paint brushes wash them out as soon as you're done 
so the fabric paint doesn't ruin them!

You'll want to tap or dab the paint onto the shirt.

This was too tricky for "C" - she kept trying to brush the paint onto the shirt
and then it would shift the doily so I ended up taking over for her and she was my assistant. 

"E" and I thought Rainbow would be fun for a couple of the shirts
so we made one for each of the girls. 

I need to get a shirt for myself!

E's Rainbow painted doily on the gray t-shirt before we peeled it off.

We also made a white heart on a red shirt for "E"

The 4 new custom-printed Valentine t-shirts drying in my art studio.

The instructions for the fabric paint say to allow it to dry for 72 hours 
before you wash the shirts. The shirts were dry the next morning so the girls
went ahead and wore them to school. 

My in-house models showing off their fancy new shirts the next morning!

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