Monday, February 27, 2012

* Semi-Homemade Birthday Party Hats

For "C"s Pink Penguin themed 5th birthday party this month,
I made semi-homemade party hats.
She asked for "fancy party hats" so that's what I tried to make for her.

I started with a package of 8 party hats from the Dollar Tree
and some pink feather boa material from Michaels craft store.
The doilies and cupcake wrappers were already in our house.
You can find doilies like this in the cake decorating area of any craft store.
I believe the pink cupcake wrappers were part of a valentine set from Dollar Tree.

Then, I made little cut paper penguins and 
punched circles out of scrapbook paper from my art studio stash.

I glued each paper penguin to a circle of scrapbook paper,
then glued that to a flattened cup cake wrapper. 

Then it was time to start gluing on the feather boa edges.
Note to self, cutting out feathers makes a HUGE mess, check out my jeans.
You should have seen the floor! Have a broom and dustpan on standby.

My messy table.
Decided to add party hats to the penguins - cut them out of pink paper.

Glued the feather boa trim to the bottom edge of each hat with my glue gun.
I love my silicone glue gun pad/heat mat (got it at JoAnne's craft store) 
and yes, I always glue on the floor because it's the easiest outlet to reach!

The hats weren't quite fancy enough so I glued a doily around each cone
then I added the penguins (all with my glue gun - super fast!) 

Front view of a finished 
Pink Penguin Party Hat!

Side view. 

The birthday girl modeling her party hat. 
More 5th birthday Penguin Party details to come....

Pink and Green Mama

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