Wednesday, February 1, 2012

* Re-Cycled Art Stitched Heart Valentine Cards

I see this project from time to time on Pinterest and
it's always fun to see something I've made show up there!

To make these cards, 
I raided our felt and fabric scraps, the "cool paper scraps box"
(yes, that's what the label on the box says)
and some of the girl's doodles and drawings.

Then we cut out some hearts....

and I stitched them to some blank white card stock cards
with my sewing machine.

Sew easy.

and sew cute!

Hubby is got this one,
the map is from one of our first trips together...
I wrote, "I'd be lost without you" inside.

Happy Card-making!
Psst...these cards are great to give year round-
think Thank You notes, Mother's Day, Birthdays...

Think we'll make another batch for our Letter Writing Station.

Pink and Green Mama

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