Sunday, February 19, 2012

* President's Day Portraits: Mixed Media Art Lesson for Kids

I used to make these portraits with my kindergarten art students for President's day every year. 
This lesson is so cute and easy you could make it with older students too!

First, we would study some famous painted portraits 
of George Washington.

This one from the National Gallery of Art's collection was my go-to poster of choice. 

Then, we would start with a piece of "skin" colored construction paper. 
I always ordered the "multi-cultural" spectrum pack 
and let the kid's choose whichever color they wanted from the pack. 

We would sketch lightly in pencil then go over it in black Crayola marker.

I would model how to draw the facial features and the kids would follow along. 
No two portraits turned out alike but they
kids were much more successful with their final projects this way. 

I was never one of those, "watch and copy me now" teachers, if they 
did it differently I didn't correct them, I just modeled and it helped a lot of kids. 

Starting with a large oval (egg) for the face, we would draw two footballs for eyes. 
Add circles for the pupils and irises. 

A big nose. 

Straight line for the mouth.
Then a little smile underneath (bottom lip) 
and two moutains on top (top lip)

Don't forget eyebrows and ears!

Then, we would add shadows with a darker
tan or brown crayon (hollows of cheeks, side of nose)

and highlights with white crayon (bridge of nose, middle of forehead)

Then, color in the eyebrows, lips, and pupils with crayon.

Finally, we would cut out the head.
Glue it on a sheet of blue or red construction paper.
Add a black construction paper shirt/shoulders.

Cut a triangle wedge of paper doily for the lace shirt accent.

We would glue cotton balls around the outside of the head as a white wig! 
Sometimes, if we felt really festive (and had enough time) we'd add 
birthday party hats!

Happy President's Day!

Pink and Green Mama

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