Sunday, February 26, 2012

* Felt Penguin Mask

For "C"s penguin party she wanted penguin masks so I made some.
I didn't use a pattern, I just cut out some black and white felt free-hand
and trimmed it until it looked right. Then I cut out some yellow felt for the beaks.

I used double triangles because she wanted to open and close the beaks.

I stitched the white and yellow felt to the black then added a bit of black elastic to the back.
To cut out the eye holes I traced a small plastic lid onto the felt and used it as my
guide to carefully cut out the eye holes with sharp sewing scissors.

Super easy, they took me less than 45 minutes to whip up
and I had all of the materials on hand.

"C" and her buddies loved them. They were mama penguins 
taking care of stuffed baby penguins in the igloo fort. 

More Penguin Party details coming all week!

Pink and Green Mama

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