Friday, February 17, 2012

* Ballerina Paper Dolls With Cupcake Wrapper Skirts

This project first appeared this summer on The Crafty Crow blog,
it was a guest post by another blogger named Merilee from Mer Mag blog
She made adorable paper doll ballerinas as part of the summer book and a craft series
with the book "Chasing Degas."

It was such a fun girlie craft I knew my little ballerina "C" would love it. 
They used crepe paper (party streamers) for their tu-tus, 
I substituted with cupcake wrappers!

But, I just drew a bunch of ballerinas free hand with colored sharpies
on white card stock paper. Then we got to work cutting them out.

"C" was excited when I showed her the cupcake wrappers 
and explained that she could make skirts for the dancers.

She colored some dolls and asked me to color some with her. 
She added skirts to all of our dolls. 
Cutting and gluing the cupcake wrappers to make skirts was her favorite part. 

I put all of the ballerina making materials in a basket and left it on the art studio table.
It's been fun to find little dancers around the house!

One of "C"s sweet ballerina paper dolls. 

I love how she made a leotard out of a cupcake wrapper to match the tu-tu.

"C" even made one into a card for her ballet teacher!

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