Sunday, January 29, 2012

* Valentine's Day Craft: Re-Cycled Card Basket

Here's a fun project from my archives to help you recycle 
those Valentine's Day cards that will be arriving shortly.

Last year, we recycled some of our favorite  
Valentine's Day Cards into a card basket/bowl of our own!

To start, I printed out a template I found here
I traced it onto a piece of manilla file folder (sturdier for multiple tracings).

They also have great directions--
that I should have followed instead of just winging it.

You'll need 14 cards for this project
(or kid drawings on cardstock!)

You'll trace 12 "side" pieces 
and 2 "bottom" pieces. 

They used white glue and I didn't --
my life would have been easier if I had tacked mine
together with a dab of glue. 

My pieces kept slipping around and that wasn't 
fun during the sewing part. 

You'll use a hole punch to punch holes evenly
around the edges of each piece and yarn 
(or embroidery thread) with a fat embroidery needle
to sew the basket together.

Here's the bottom.
Like I said, should have followed the directions --
this is not the best sewing job!

Side View.... (I'll just say the kid's sewed it, not their incompetent mother)

It does make a handy little bowl to hold your treasures!

Happy Re-Cycled Crafting!

Pink and Green Mama

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