Thursday, January 19, 2012

* Cut Paper Dragons for Chinese New Year: Easy Kid Craft

I used to make cut paper dragons with my elementary students
every year to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

How appropriate that 
this year is the Year of the Dragon!

These projects were always so bright and colorful. 
They looked great in the school hallways. 

There are several steps and they would take two 45 minute class periods to complete. 
I usually made these with my third grade students as part of their unit of study on China.

We would start by folding a large sheet of colored construction paper in half
(like a big greeting card) and draw1/2 of a wavy dragon head 
with horns, a beard, and a mustache. 
Make sure your students make the folded edge the center of their face
and only cut away the open sides of the paper. 

They would decorate the faces with cut pieces of construction paper
for eyes, mouth, nostrils, mustaches, horns, teeth, tongues, etc.

Then, we used the same technique to make a big tail but 
we would fold the paper "hot dog" style to make a long skinny tail.

For the body we would accordion-fold another large piece of construction paper
and glue long strips of colored paper on the folds. 

You can see my funky cut scissors in the back corner of the art cabinet.

The strips were cut with my "funky cut" scissors by the kids.
The kind you can buy in the scrapbooking aisle.

These scissors were always a huge hit with my students
and made neat textures and designs on the dragon bodies!

Finally, they would cut out and glue on legs and clawed feet. Rawr!
So Fun! 

 I may have to make another one with my own girls this week 
to celebrate Chinese New Year!

I think he'd look pretty cool flying over our kitchen table. 

Pink and Green Mama

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