Monday, January 23, 2012

* Chinese New Year Paper Lantern Craft and Japanese Brush Painting Center

The girls and I decided to get crafty yesterday
and make some paper lanterns to decorate
our kitchen for Chinese New Year. 

It has been gross, gray, icy drizzle here for the past three days
so I apologize in advance for my too dark photos in our dark house. 

We started out by stamping sheets of red construction paper
with some leaf and vine shaped stamps with gold ink. 
Then we added some Do-A-Dot marker dots with red and yellow metallic ink
for a bit more contrast. 

Then, we folded the papers in half ("hot dog" style) 
and cut equally spaced slits (like fringe) along the folded edge.
We were careful not to cut all the way to the edge and left a paper "lip" 
Then, we just rolled them into cylinders, stapled at both ends,
punched in a couple of holes and strung them up with red string
by our kitchen table. 

Another too dark photo. 
We've had the lights on and the heat cranking for three days. 
The power bill should be awesome this month. 

I also set up this little surprise for the girls.
I love to leave little areas like this out for them to discover and play with.
They've both been visiting it and leaving little designs 
and notes for the past 24 hours. 

I set out our "Buddha Board"with a lovely ceramic tray,
bamboo brush, and a Sake cup with water. 
I also set out a Chinese New Year red envelope with a small note
that has the characters for Faith, Hope, and Love on a mini easel. 
Ours is the Japanese Brush Painting Set from 

Wishing you and your family a happy new lunar year.
May the Year of the Dragon be the best one yet!

Pink and Green Mama

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