Tuesday, December 13, 2011

* Re-Cycled Paint Stick Snowman Snow Ruler!

Here's a fun oldie but goodie, winter time craftivity!
Frosty the paint stick has made an appearance on the blog before 
but it's that time of year for him to come out again! 
"E" made him when she was 3 and-a-half or 4-years-old and I love him. 

Start with a wooden paint stirring stick from the hardware store
(or, if you're like me, from the garage box of misc. house painting stuff)

Let your kids paint it white (acrylic craft paint or house paint works best)

After it's dry, help your child use a ruler to measure 
and mark the stick with one inch increments
using a black permanent marker. 

Embellish and add "Snow Man" details
at the top with scraps of ribbon, fabric, or fleece for a hat and scarf.
A face can be drawn or painted on.

Or, raid some mini pom poms like we did,
or use googly eyes, dried beans, beads, sequins -- whatever you have around.

Carrot nose can be made out of paper, felt, or craft foam.

This is a fun and easy winter craft
and they make fun gifts for relatives, teachers, and neighbors as well!

Now you have your very own (adorable) way 
to measure the snow - just take your snow man outside
after it snows to stick in the snow and see how many inches you got!
(You can spray him with clear sealer if you're worried about his paint running)

Happy Winter Crafting!

Pink and Green Mama

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