Sunday, November 13, 2011

* Fall Art Project: Turkeys With Crayon on Marker Resist

This is an art lesson I used to do with my first graders 
when I taught elementary art. 
You can do it with a wide variety of ages,
(even grown ups have fun making one!)

To start, we would get a big sheet of white drawing paper,
you could also work smaller on a standard sheet of white 
copy paper. 

Lightly sketch out a big circle for your turkey's body 
in the middle of the paper with a pencil.
Then add a neck and head.
Some feet.
Then, you'll add some feathers. We always use repeating shapes
to create interesting patterns like rectangles, triangles, hearts, diamonds. 

Trace over the turkey outline with magic marker for a bold line/
comic book effect.
Now it's time for the fun part. 
Start drawing shapes and patterns all over your turkey
with crayons (press hard so the lines are waxy)

Fill up your whole turkey with different lines,
zig-zags, dots, squiggles, shapes, and patterns!
The more the better and use lots of different colors of crayon
including white and yellow.

Color on top of your crayons with contrasting magic marker colors
to see your designs come through and create a "resist" effect.

Close-up view of the crayon and marker resist.

Gobble Gobble!
Happy Turkey Crafting!

pink and green mama

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