Thursday, November 17, 2011

* Turkeys In Disguise... Part 2: Astronaut Turkey (aka Turkey-Not)

"E" gets to select two independent projects
for her class every month. 
This month, she selected the "Turkey in Disguise" project
 as one of her projects.

Proud mama that I am, I had to show and tell to you!

She made an Astronaut Turkey.
I called him a "Turkey-Not."

I love his little leaf badge on his space suit.
She used clear contact paper for the helmet
and a star shaped punch with aluminum foil for the "stars" 

Want to make your own Turkey in Disguise this Thanksgiving?

pink and green mama

Sunday, November 13, 2011

* Fall Art Project: Turkeys With Crayon on Marker Resist

This is an art lesson I used to do with my first graders 
when I taught elementary art. 
You can do it with a wide variety of ages,
(even grown ups have fun making one!)

To start, we would get a big sheet of white drawing paper,
you could also work smaller on a standard sheet of white 
copy paper. 

Lightly sketch out a big circle for your turkey's body 
in the middle of the paper with a pencil.
Then add a neck and head.
Some feet.
Then, you'll add some feathers. We always use repeating shapes
to create interesting patterns like rectangles, triangles, hearts, diamonds. 

Trace over the turkey outline with magic marker for a bold line/
comic book effect.
Now it's time for the fun part. 
Start drawing shapes and patterns all over your turkey
with crayons (press hard so the lines are waxy)

Fill up your whole turkey with different lines,
zig-zags, dots, squiggles, shapes, and patterns!
The more the better and use lots of different colors of crayon
including white and yellow.

Color on top of your crayons with contrasting magic marker colors
to see your designs come through and create a "resist" effect.

Close-up view of the crayon and marker resist.

Gobble Gobble!
Happy Turkey Crafting!

pink and green mama

Monday, November 7, 2011

* Fall Craft for Kids: Coffee Filter Leaves

"C" made the prettiest coffee filter leaves at preschool last week
so big sister "E" and I wanted to make some more with her at home.
We made so many leaves, we now have this beautiful display in our playroom!

We studied "C"s leaves to figure out how she made them.
She said they used coffee filters and Do-A-Dot markers so we gave it a go.

I thought they may have used bleeding tissue paper or liquid watercolors,
but she was very definitive when she said how they made them 
so we went along with it.   : )

We started by cutting out some free-form leaf shapes from some coffee filters.

Then, we spread out some newspaper to protect our craft surface 
(in this case, it was the floor... I'm not sure why we always end up sitting on the floor
and crafting instead of working at the table!)

We used our Do-A-Dot markers to make pretty patterns
but the colors weren't bleeding like the ones "C" made at school. 

They were still very pretty and artsy.
All three of us had fun making them!

So, we tried wetting some filters first and that 
pretty much just made a mess and she said the ones at school were dry. 
We decided to just stick with making leaves with the dot markers,
they were still pretty. was a bit of a crafting mystery.

I asked her teacher about it the next day and we solved the mystery. 
They DID use coffee filters for the leaves but they
used liquid watercolors inside of bingo markers 
and that's why the leaves they made bled and ours didn't!

When the "leaves" dried, 
we taped them up in our big playroom window.

They're so bright and cheerful, it makes me smile 
every time I walk past the playroom. 

Happy (use what you have) Crafting!

pink and green mama

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