Sunday, October 30, 2011

* Halloween Crafts for Kids: Yarn Pom-Pom Pumpkins, Owls, and Monsters, Oh My!

The girls and I recently got hooked on making 
yarn pom-poms with a fork! 
Yes, I remember them from Martha Stewart but when 
I saw a mini tutorial over at the Whimsy Love Blog
its been a non-stop pom-pom making whirlwind ever since!

It started with a bunch of different pom-poms for our ice cream sensory box
(that I keep forgetting to post!)

On Friday, "C" asked if we could use some of our orange yarn 
to make pumpkins with googly eyes. 
The fun part, was that she had the whole craft planned out in her head!
Then she wanted to make an owl with brown yarn.
She picked out felt for the beak and wings.

I love the owl, I think he looks like an Angry Birds character!
Maybe we'll make an Angry Birds pom-pom set next. : )

She used Elmer's glue dots to stick the 
googly eyes and mouths to the yarn pom-poms. 
The pipe cleaner stems are just stuck into the pom-pom without any glue.

Sticking on googly eyes.

Carefully cutting out felt details. 

She also made a green yarn pom-pom monster,
he's hanging out in our miniature Haunted House
right now! I didn't get a photo of him.

Happy Fall Crafting! 

For another fun fall game and craft check out my 

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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