Monday, October 17, 2011

* Easy Fall Kid Craft: Sandpaper and Crayon Leaves

Good morning and happy Monday everyone! It's cloudy and cool here this morning, but we had some beautiful October weather all weekend. Now if we could just get over our fall cold's we could really have some fun!

We're sniffling and hacking but we're still crafting! The girls and I decided to make some sandpaper leaves to decorate the playroom windows. (Pardon their Pajamas in the photos, that's how we roll around here.)

This project is great for preschoolers (ages 2-3) on up!

You will need: 
crayons, sandpaper, and scissors 
(if you want to cut them out like we did.)

We started out by looking at leaf shapes (collected from our yard)
and drawing the outlines in black and dark blue crayon 
on some half and quarter sheets of sandpaper from the Dollar Tree.

Then, we sat down and started coloring the leaves in with crayons
on the sandpaper. The girls really liked how vibrant the colors are on sandpaper.
Coloring on sandpaper is also a great way to sharpen your crayons!

Leaves in progress...

Happy Rainbow Leaves!

Finished leaves cut out and ready to hang in the playroom window!

You can take this project a step further and put your sandpaper and crayon leaves face down on a t-shirt or piece of paper and iron it to make a melted crayon print! Alpha Mom blog has a great tutorial here if you want to try making a crayon printed shirt!

We decided to "leave" ours alone, the girls didn't want the colors to run, I may try one later. 

Happy Fall Crafting! 

Pink and Green Mama

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