Tuesday, October 4, 2011

* Preschool At Home: Apple Themed Sensory Box

"C"s preschool teachers are doing an Apple themed unit of study this week.
A perfect start for fall. 
I volunteered to make some sensory boxes for their preschool and this is the
apple sensory box I put together for them. 

"C" helped me put it together and we had fun coming up with this 
simple little box. I can't wait to hear what the kids think of it this week.

We started with dried split green peas, 
you could also use green paper easter grass or green dyed rice.
I do recommend the peas, they have a lovely texture and are half the fun 
of this sensory experience!

The small brown craft foam tree came from the dollar bins at Target,
it came with some foam leaves and a little scarecrow that we added
to their fall sensory box kit. 

The tiny straw brooms are some from our craft stash 
that we use with our Fairies in our homemade Fairy House
(I think you might be able to find them at the craft store but I may have ordered mine online.)

Then we added a small wooden scoop, small buckets and pails
and this little wooden rake we had left over from a Dollar Tree Zen Garden Kit.

It was "C"s awesome idea to add some real Cinnamon Sticks as well.

The tiny red apples in this bucket are tiny red styrofoam balls from Dollar Tree
that are intended to be filler for centerpieces.

I picked up the larger faux apples from JoAnne's Craft store with a coupon
from the floral/wreath making department.

"C" (age 4.5) and "E" (age 8.5) helped me make these felt trees for the box.
It's tricky to make apple trees, these look a bit more like 
the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom coconut tree...

I'm thinking we need to make a set of felt alphabet letters
and bring them over for a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom lesson/sensory box!

Here are our felt trees with red pom-pom apples.
You can pick the "apples" and then put them back on again later!

The apple box organized by my 8 year old, "E".
She likes everything to be neat and tidy! "C" calls it "Order-nized" : )

Happy Sensory Box Playing!

Next up, I'll show and tell this year's Fall Sensory Box.

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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