Friday, October 28, 2011

* Fall Art Project: Turkeys In Disguise

This project was always a blast to do with the kids 
in October or November when I was teaching elementary school art.
We would make "Turkeys in Disguise" out of cut paper
or as a drawing assignment depending on the amount of time
I had with each group of kids.

Feel free to adapt and do however you see fit,
it's lots of fun to see how clever the kids are and see what
they're imaginations come up with!

It makes a cute hallway display 
and it's also a fun Thanksgiving day craft for the kid's table!

(Shh... I'm a Lamp Not a Turkey)

I would start by explaining to the class that the Turkeys needed some help
disguising themselves before Thanksgiving. 
They aren't the smartest birds so they aren't the best at hiding in their disguises.
You need to come up with a disguise for your turkey that is clever,
but we can still tell it's a turkey.

Then, we would sketch ideas and brainstorm.
Once they had their idea worked out, they'd draw a final copy 
on nice drawing paper, or work with construction paper 
to make a cut paper collage. 

(Psst... I'm a Mummy Not a Turkey)

For the cut paper turkeys, we would start with a basic 
bowling- ball-pin-shape cut out of construction paper and build on from there.


For the drawings, we would sketch lightly in pencil,
trace over it in Crayola markers, then color in with 
Crayola twistables, colored pencils, or crayons. 

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Super Turkey!

I'm a Cheerleader not a Turkey...
Give Me a "T"!

Gobble, Gobble, I mean... ahem, Meow.
I'm a Cat not a Turkey!

You get the idea.
Happy Turkey-Disguise Making!

Pink and Green Mama

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